Gay Tallinn: Baltic Boom City

You feel transported to the middle-ages as you cross the cobblestoned Town Hall Square in the Old Town in Tallinn. Thick-walled brick-houses from the 13th century surround visitors, and people dressed like extras from a Robin Hood movie lure you to sample medieval cuisine.

Idyllic Old Town in Tallinn was UNESCO heritage listed in 1997 but search a bit further, beneath the touristic varnish, and you find that the Estonian capital offers a very modern take on both its Baltic and medieval heritage.

Innovative restaurants employ regional, mostly seasonal produce to renew ancient recipes and several of the medieval townhouses offer atmospheric, antique-filled five star accommodations.
Considering that World War II did not end till the early 1990s in Estonia--when the last Russian troops left, and the country finally regained its independence--the country has a surprisingly international outlook.

Most people speak fluent English, and the country recently introduced the Euro with international banks predicting an economic growth rate of 3-4 percent in 2011.

Gay life prospers as well with two new night clubs, KAPP and Cafe Homme, opening in Tallinn early 2011, and a more tolerant society welcoming LGBT-travellers with rainbow packages and special deals.

Restaurants to check out