80% love it
Where Everybody meets Everybody
"Everybody comes to X-Baar because there is no entrance fee and the drinks are cheap," says Madis, the manager at Tallinns oldest gay bar. Expect modern dance pop, an unpretentious, quite mixed, crowd for an all-night party.


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      deri Over a year ago

      friendly bar
      Went on a Thursday and the bar was very quiet - a few friendly locals. Much busier on the weekend apparently. Hard to find - walk through into the courtyard as shown on the map

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      ElegantMess Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not happening.
      Went twice. On Sunday I was the only customer with the exception of two lesbians who sat at the bar, drank nothing then left. The next day there was 4 people! Who left after ten minutes. Think most of the guys hang out in Club 69, do their business then go home. Small place with a dancefloor I never saw used. Tucked away behind a fast food stand. Probably won't bother with going again.